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Delphi Water Ionizer

An Elegant and stylish water ionizer with full control of your pH at your fingertips! The main ionizer is installed under the sink.

Technical Specifications

Input voltage AC1 20V - 240V




19 lbs

Overall dimension

10" X 13.5" X 5.5"

Inflow Pressure

20psi – 80psi

Water Temperature

40 – 86F

Electrolysis Device

Continuous Electrolysis

Setting levels

9 setting
48 Programmable
Output Rate
2-3 LPM

Cleaning Device

DARC Automatic

Electrode Materials

Platinum / Titanium Mesh

Water Filtration Device


The Delphi water ionizer stylish and contemporary design and cutting edge technology sets it a part from anything else available today. The Delphi is two components in one. At your sink you have a beautifully styled remote controlled faucet which operates the ionizing unit which is installed under sink completely out of sight.

The Delphi defines “ease of use” with the new faucet. You control the operation and settings of the new unit with a tap of your finger on the touch pad. The Delphi also defines performance with the ionizing unit which employs Emco Tech's latest water cell technology to deliver top performance and health benefits into your drinking water. Lifetime warranty!

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