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Jupiter Science Melody

The Melody is a proven model that automatically cleans so there is no waiting time. The Isis produces an excellent pH range and low -ORP and can optionally be installed under the sink.
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Technical Specifications

Input voltage AC120V - 240V





Dimension (LXHXD)

10" X 13" X 5.5"

Inflow Pressure

20psi - 80psi

Water Temperature

40 - 86F

Electrolysis Device

Continuous Electrolysis

Setting levels

9 set levels

Output Rate

2-3LPM (Alkaline+Acidic)

Cleaning Device

MARC Automatic

Electrode Materials

Platinum/Titanium Solid

Water Filtration


The Jupiter Science Melody is very popular water ionizer that has great value, solid features and performs especially well under a wide range of source water. This model is able to produce high pH values, low negative oxidation potential, and strong acid water with a quick selection at your fingertips. Consistency and reliability are enduring features of this dependable model from Emco Tech!

Although the Melody has a stylish presence on your counter top, and to the great delight of many, the Melody water ionizer can optionally be installed under your kitchen sink. Patent pending, the newest addition to the under sink conversion kit are the dual faucets available in five different finishes. These kits come complete with everything you need to complete the installation which is not difficult to do.

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