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Thanks Barb
"We;re doing ok. thanks for asking. Our little furring friend, "casilito", celebrated his "11th birthday". We're giving him clay in his drinking water and our 6 year old furry friend is drinking the clay too. Thank you for the great information about eating clay for health. keep in touch." "My husband and I are putting the clay in their drinking water and I believe the clay is helping to keep casilito in remission"
Sept 9.2012
Theresa | 6/27/2013 5:08 PM
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Clay for Jesse my Gelding
In approximately March or April in 2013 we were getting our horse Jesse ready for our usual Sunday lesson and we noticed that he had a slightly swollen knee. We decided to do water therapy and then we applied a poultice of clay directly on his knee and left the clay on for almost a full half hour. He didn’t mind us doing this at all he just licked his lips like a happy boy that he is. After that time passed we rinsed the clay off and guess what? The swelling was almost totally gone in that one application! We will always have clay around the barn it has such amazing healing powers……Thank you Barbara for helping us help Jessie with this clay and your forever patience, knowledge and love.
Nancy Smith
Nancy | 7/11/2013 6:57 PM
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Clay for Dancer our Horse for lumps and bumps

One day back in 2012 we were visiting our horses when we noticed a pretty large lump on Dancers belly. It was the length and width of my hand. We asked the Vet tech that was there at the time what it was since we were new horse owners and didn’t have a clue as to what this scary lump was on our baby girl. She thought it was probably due to a kick from another horse and she would keep an eye on her for us. It was a bit warm and if it grew too much larger she said that we might need to call the vet.   Before we left I said to my husband, “I’m calling Barb”. Barb is my sister and business partner who has worked with clay for many years with great success so I just knew she would have a story to share about this situation.  After talking to Barb we made a poultice with the clay and put it right over the lump and then we prayed over Dancer as well.  The next day we were told that the lump was almost gone, and the day after? The lump was totally gone like it was never there! All three of our horses eat clay with their feed every day and there skin and hooves look very healthy!

In June of 2013 when we arrived at the barn we were told that Dancer had little bumps/ ant bites all over her belly. When we saw her yes she sure did and we were told that they were getting larger as the day went on. We quickly grabbed the clay and covered up all of the bites. The clay was left on her for about 20 minutes or so and then we rinsed her off. Just in that short amount of time the bites had already started to decrease in size and continued to decrease in number as well. That was just amazing to see so quickly! We love clay!
Nancy | 7/11/2013 6:59 PM
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Clay for our dogs Jesse and Sweety

Back in 2011 I had found Shirley’s Wellness Café website and was amazed at all of the information. From there I met Barb and we spent many hours on the telephone sharing information about dogs and natural healing.  Sweety is our older girl and she was 11 years old at that time with arthritis in her hind legs and hips poor girl. She was having trouble moving from a lying down position to standing up again. After much research we decided to give both of our dogs’ clay and some Immune caps. In about 1 week my husband noticed that Sweety was getting up quicker. In 3 more weeks we caught her lying down on our couch! She was feeling so much better that she is able to climb onto the couch and run like she is a teenager again. This was just amazing to us because we had tried Glucosamine and Chondroitin, Shark Cartilage, Cosaquin and even some nasty prescription Rimadyl from the vet that only gave her bloody stools and no relief! Jesse is younger and he loves to catch lizards and rats in our yard. Before we gave them these products he used to bring up mucous every single day. Our dogs’ coats are so soft and shiny, their eyes are clear and bright, they have no fleas, Jesse no longer vomits, and they are very healthy!  They do not get sick and we do not use chemicals on them! Now when they get cuts, bites from spiders or any other creature that lurks in Sunny Florida, or they break nails down low we just apply clay and they heal quickly.
We are so thankful that we found these products because our precious dogs are so important to us! Special thanks to Barb!
Nancy | 7/11/2013 7:01 PM
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My horse 'Pop's" and I love this Clay!
My 20 year old quarter horse "Pop's" started the Nutramin on July 10th 2013. I have seen Pop's coat grow in much more shiny and soft. He takes 2 tbs of clay in the morning and 2 at night in a slurry with oats. He has solid good stools and has a lot of energy.
Thanks Barb for all your help!  
Warren | 7/24/2013 10:47 AM
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Blind cow see's again with clay treatment!!
"Blind cow see's again with clay treatment!!
My name is Emily, Last year 2012 one of my cows had IBR and had a fever and went blind. My grandfather, who has owned cattle a large part of his life, told me he thought she would never see again because she had bad scaring, and he did not feel she would gain her sight back. I called Barb and talked about Brighty my cow and she told me about the Nutramin. We bought some and began giving the cow a tablespoon of clay every day in her feed, along with marine plankton liquid drops in the eye and homeopathic eye drops, a month or so later the cow recovered and her full sight came back, and the scaring went away. We were so excited! I am now using it for a calf that has navel infection and scours, and so far he has gone from "almost dead", not wanting to get up, to calling me every morning for his milk. We use Nutramin clay on our farm now for any sick animals and so far it's been working great! "
Emily | 8/15/2013 12:24 PM
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My 13 yr old Yorkie with Cushings and liver problem
Hi Barbara! Just wanted to give you my testimonial about how happy I am with both the clay and the TransFactor Plus. My yorkie, Chloe, was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and a problem in her liver. The vet wanted to put her on some medication that the adverse effects were going to make her ill and being that she was 13 years old at that time, we didn't want to put her trough that. So you were a Godsend when I found your site. You recommended both the clay and the TransFactor Plus for her and she's been taking it for over a year and this year when we took her to the vet for her rabies shots, he ran tests for her health issues and he was shocked that all her levels were normal! We were ecstatic! Chloe will be turning 15 years old this Dec. and she is doing amazingly well! No one can believe she's 14 years old! Whenever I find that Chloe has an issue, I call you and you are so kind and knowledgeable and you help me out with whatever questions I have. My mom, who is a diabetic, is now taking the TransFactor Plus and her blood sugars are extremely controlled. I am so thankful to you for being there and guiding me with all the wonderful Wellness products. I tell everybody that I know about them and they always want to find out more about them. Thank you again and God Bless. In Light and Love, Julie  
Julie | 8/29/2013 1:11 PM
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Calf down in feed lot and would not get up!
We have had this happen before when a newly weaned calf lays down and never get back up, usually dieing. This time we made a bottle up with a tablespoon of clay mixed in the PDQ and fed her 3 times a day. The next day she was up and running. We love this clay its so handy on the farm.
Clay works great for everything!
thanks again!
Emily and family  
Emily | 9/12/2013 12:47 PM
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Lab with Arthritis in his hips.
On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 7:47 PM, Darlene Johnson
Dear Dr. Burlingame,
This spring our Lab was diagnosed with some Arthritis in his hips. He does not have hip dysplasia. He is OFA certified. My observation was more than this. He was shedding really bad, lost muscle mass, slept a lot and did not want to eat. My cousin suggested I give him 2 immune caps 2x per day and add some other supplements to increase his appetite. Gradually Casey began to have more energy, started eating again, he groaned much less when he got up and when he layed down and his coat improved. We had our dog back, playing and retrieving once again with an increase in his mobility. Gradually he regained muscle mass. I suspected Casey may have had some parasites or suspected CA. The advice of our vet was to give him Phycox (which Casey hated) then he gave us free samples of something else to try. He would not eat them either. I took action. We were losing our dog. Barb Raggio introduced me to Nutramin clay for animals which has dramatically improved the shedding and his coat. I thank God for these 2 products. They saved his life. This winter Casey has put on weight. Since it has been so cold we are not walking him as before and he is not running around in our back yard because of the snow and the cold. We have cut back on the portions of his food and continue the immune caps and the clay 1x per day. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We feed him 2x per day. The dog food we use is Nutro Lamb and Rice Meal for large breed dogs. He weighs about 98 pounds. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Darlene Johnson
Barbara | 1/20/2014 1:36 PM
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Darlene's answer from Dr Burlingame (Vet)
Morning Darlene, Glad that you found Phycox and more importantly an edible clay for Casey. Dogs that have any OFA certification CAN in fact have hip dysplasia.
Barbara | 1/20/2014 1:39 PM
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