Spartan Filtration

The Spartan Ionizer Shield is for those who demand a higher level of protection in both the quality of their water and in protection of their ionizer.

The Spartan overcomes the downsides of traditional RO yet provides you the highest quality and great tasting water. At the same time you are protecting your investment in your ionizer.

The Spartan Ionizer Shield is a unique and proprietary combination of filtration, softening media and softening technology – up to 23 stages* - designed for your water quality. This unique and proprietary system will eliminate virtually all your drinking water concerns while it helps protect your ionizer.

*Hard/Standard-Water System offers 23 stages of filtration.Select if you have standard or hard water. This option offers a unique media to further prevent damaging mineral build up in your ionizer. This incredible media is extracted from milk thistle which has documented antioxidant and detoxification benefits. A carbon block further improves and protects your water.

*Soft water offers 22 stages of filtration. Select if you have standard or soft water.In the soft water package we have included the Remin Max Filter to install in your ionizer replacing the Biostone filter to add the beneficial alkaline minerals necessary for use in areas where they are naturally found in low levels

The Spartan is designed for use on potable water sources only and for use for all Emco Tech Ionizers: Athena, Delphi, Isis, and Venus water ionizers.